Voodoo Rays

Voodoo Ray’s is proof that London is currently having a New York moment. This pizza place is a loving and playful homage to the Italian- American masterpiece – The Slice – as perfected by the City that Never Sleeps. Situated in the Dalston drinking district, Voodoo Ray’s offers large pizza slices, boutique beers and potent frozen margaritas. The pizza is good, and sometimes great, depending on the night. Named after the hypnotic acid house single, this is one of London’s most stylish and tasty cheap eats. You can carbo-load on the way to getting drunk on less then a tenner. The venue looks like the designers were asked to turn the history of dance music and pizza into architecture and yes they did. The food has been made with the same devotion and inspiration. There are almost 20 pizzas to choose from with a good range of classics like the Margherita as well as some clever samples that could only have been dreamt up after dark. Vegetarians can try the frisky “Giorgio Moroder” (featuring goats cheese and courgettes) and for adventurous meat lovers there’s bone marrow glaze and, only after midnight, bacon dust… FOOD 4/5  VIBE 5/5