Festive season survival plan


December is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing: an endless stream of parties. Whether you’re on the dancefloor with friends, old schoolmates or colleagues, the one thing a party always brings is the morning after. You know the feeling—when you’d rather ditch granola for a bacon butty, and your flat white for a Bloody Mary.

We’re big fans of the iconic cocktail and firm believers that lashings of Tabasco Sauce are key to transforming a humble glass of tomato juice into the elixir of life, the morning after a night of indulgence. Adding a measure of stout plus a raw egg on the side doesn’t hurt either. So when Tabasco came to us with an idea to serve Londoners survival remedies throughout the festive season, we knew the Bloody Mary had to take centre stage. In fact the concept of a Festive Survival Squad was something we’d toyed with ourselves a while ago, and as usual had done nothing about. So here we are, and who better to partner with than the company who have been making pepper sauce for close to 150 years, and whose iconic bottles feature in every bartender’s arsenal?


The Festive Survival Squad launches this month. The concept includes a dream team of food and cocktail makers, who will be creating Friday morning remedies for people who are feeling a little delicate from the night before. They are not doctors, but they all have their own spin on this age-old conundrum. They’ll be serving up a series of Bloody Mary recipes with a twist, as well as the kind of foods you crave first thing in the morning after a big night out. Keep an eye on @rootandbone on Instagram and Twitter and follow #TabascoSquadGoals throughout December to see how you can get in on a piece of the recovery action.


Kicking off survival proceedings will be Rob Simpson, Bar Manager at The Clove Club and 2016 Young British Foodies Alcohol Award Winner. In addition to the classic recipe pictured above, Rob has mixed his own take on the cocktail by switching out vodka for tequila and replacing tomato juice with a reviving blend of carrot juice—rounded off with the essential kick of Tabasco Sauce.

For a chance to win a visit from Rob to your office, follow @rootandbone on Instagram and Twitter and look out for #tabascosquadgoals.

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