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Eastern Eye Balti


Nothing beats an authentic curry and Britain is blessed with literally 1000’s of places in which to get your spice fix whenever the mood should strike. Brick lane has its lovers and its haters. Some swear by it for a truly authentic curry, others won’t have a bar of the wall-to-wall joints with their hawkers on the street ushering in pedestrians as they pass.

Now, while there are some legendary places nearby; Tyabbs, with its cult like following, and the more upmarket Dishoom only a short distance away, many shy away from the dice rolling experience that can be Brick Lane. But not us. Like anyone who lives with an addiction, we have our go-to tandoor at Eastern Eye Balti House. There is a well-known phrase; If it ‘aint broke don’t fix it. We have been coming here for years and always walk away with a smile, a beery glimmer in the eye and the knowledge that our asses will be on fire the following morning.


For me, it has to be a ring-stinging lamb Vindaloo. Can’t feel my face, hot as fuck, but perfectly balanced and a dish I cannot re-create the same at home. Steve can’t go past the lamb Madras; a medium spiced, but equally as bum-humbling, formidable stew. They don’t call him Alex ‘Tikka’ Denman for nothing and it is always Alex who, halfway through the meal, sits contently smiling while our eyes water and we dribble down our shirts with tongues of fire. Luckily curry night also means beer. Litres and litres of beautiful, refreshing, palette cleansing, healthy beer. Tonight it’s Kingfisher lager. Do your taste buds, your insides and your liver a favour and follow our lead. You’re in good hands at Eastern Eye.

#Rootreviews tip: Ask the wait staff about their affiliated off-licence across the road.
Beer tastes even better when you get mates rates.

Eastern Eye Balti
63A Brick Ln, London E1 6QL
020 7247 8643

Ring sting 5/5
Beer 5/5

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