100 Hoxton

Something a bit special is happening on Hoxton Street; the market has been overhauled with contemporary foodie additions like Butchies and Burger Bear Tom to the east end kit and caboodle. Embassy East and Hoxton Bakery bring low fuss, coffee and baked treats to the top end. And now the most exciting addition yet, a Bauhaus-inspired open fronted restaurant at 100 Hoxton Street. Created by ‘the crack team behind Zilouf ’s’ in Angel, and a chef formerly of Nopi, the menu is a mouth-watering collision of east meets west. Equally appealing plates are themed ‘on the land, from the sea, out of the garden, bits and bobs’. The cocktail list is simple with a few clever twists. We kicked off with two 100 Hoxtons; a ginger, lychee, champagne, lemongrass-y delight. Eight of us set out to try the whole menu between us. Among the standouts was the beautifully executed cuttlefish with a peppercorn and tamarind bite, salty and sour. The edamame & split pea fritter were crispy coated, soft and satisfying with a real depth of flavour from the halloumi & lime pickle yoghurt. 7 Spiced Crispy quail was punchy and succulent with a beautifully rich finish. The flatbread alone could have been a centerpiece with tangy tamarind and onion jam, chilli and coriander. The flavour combinations at 100 Hoxton are exciting and fresh. The service is friendly and effortless. 100% for 100 Hoxton. COCKTAILS 4/5 FRIENDLY 5/5